What cover for vehicles does the policy give?

The policy does not cover liability arising out of the possession or use of a vehicle by the Insured as this cover is normally provided in terms of a motor policy. Nonetheless, Section A – Public Liability does provide cover for liability caused by:

  • The use of a vehicle as a tool of trade (e.g. forklift, bulldozer)
  • The use of a tool or plant forming part of the vehicle
  • A trailer not attached to the vehicle (and which has not accidentally become detached)
  • Loading or unloading away from the road
  • Damage arising from the weight of the vehicle
  • Third party vehicles damaged in the Insured’s parking lot
  • The possession or use of any government (especially rail service) vehicle. (A vehicle does not need to be self propelled and includes a train)

The policy specifically excludes:

  • Cover provided by legislation (e.g. Road Accident Fund)

Any aircraft, hovercraft or watercraft (except cover is granted for inland watercraft less than 5m long).

General Liability