What cover is provided by a general liability policy

The cover provided by the policy is found in four sections and a number of extensions


Covers the Insured’s liability for:


Public Liability

Injury or Damage arising in the general course of business. Many claims, if not most, are paid in terms of this section

Pollution Liability

The accidental release of pollutants into the environment

Products Liability and Defective Workmanship

Injury or Damage arising out of the harmful nature of the Insured’s products or out of the Insured’s negligence while working on a product

Negligent Advice

Injury or Damage arising out of free advice given in promotion of the Insured’s products or services


Statutory Defence Costs

Legal expenses in defence of a criminal action

Wrongful Arrest

Wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and any related assault caused by the Insured


Defamatory statements whether written or verbal

Employers Liability

Employees injured in the workplace


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