Is there an overlap in the Defamation and Plagiarism cover?

  • Defamation and plagiarism appear to be covered under both Insuring Agreement 1 (Professional Services) and Insuring Agreement 2 (Multimedia Liability). What is the difference in cover between these two?
  • Professional Services covers the insured against their liability to the customer for liability which the customer may incur as a result of the insured’s wrongdoing.
    • Example: The insured is a PR company that develops a brochure for the bank. The brochure wrongfully claims that the bank’s competitors are dishonest. As a result the bank is sued for defamation. The bank in turn sues the PR company. That claim would fall under the Professional Services section of the insured’s policy.
  • Multimedia Liability covers the insured against their liability to third parties.
    • Example: The insured’s brochure wrongfully claims that its competitors are dishonest. 
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