Is there cover if the Insured’s employee steals a customer’s property?

Suppose the Insured is an IT company. The Insured’s technician visits a customer’s premises to upgrade their software and while he is there he steals that customer’s property. Would the policy pay if the Insured is held liable for the customer’s loss?

  • Yes, if the property was in the Insured’s care.  There would be cover if, for example, while working in the customer’s computer room the Insured’s employee steals its computers.
  • However there would be no cover if the stolen items were not in the Insured’s care.  There would be no cover if, for example, after completing the work in the customer’s computer room, the Insured’s employee steals the customer’s toilet spray dispenser. Unlike the computer equipment, the spray dispenser was not in the care of the Insured’s employee.
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