Other than the Insured, who else is covered in terms of the policy?

In addition to covering the Insured, the policy also provides cover to:

  • Employees/officials of the Insured in their business capacity
  • Any party to which the Insured is contractually required to grant indemnity
    • E.g. Security company acting on behalf of the Insured
    • Although the policy wording does not require the Insured to notify Camargue of these contracts, a full disclosure is still necessary so that Camargue can underwrite the risk properly.
  • People while they are participating in the Insured’s social organisations (e.g. visitors attending the Insured’s golf day or year end function may, in the course of those activities cause harm to a third party. The visitor’s liability would be covered as if the Insured had done the harm.)
  • The representatives of the estate of the Insured (but only in terms of their liability because of the Insured’s wrongdoing)
    • If, for example, you inherit the Insured’s estate, and that estate had an outstanding liability claim which was covered in terms of this policy, then in addition to inheriting the liability you will also inherit the indemnity provided by this policy.
General Liability