Kirsty Melville-Nieman

Risk Manager
Risk Management

Kirsty Melville-Nieman is a passionate consumers’ right activist. Her book, Know Your Consumer Rights, which aims to educate and empower consumers, has sold more than 10 000 copies.

Camargue has appointed Kirsty as a Risk Manager to educate brokers on the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) so that they can better understand the implications of the Act on Insureds. By informing Insureds on their potential exposure under the CPA brokers are not only able to limit these exposures but also to protect the Insureds by ensuring that they have adequate liability cover in place.

Kirsty has also written a handguide to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) in conjunction with Camargue that will be released later this year. The handguide provides a simplified look at the requirements of the Act as well as what needs to be done to comply. Keep an eye out on the Camargue website for more details.