Your Liability Toolkit

Over time, insurance has become increasingly complex and it is almost impossible for a broker to build and maintain a competence in every area of commercial insurance. The purpose of Camargue's Liability Academy for Brokers (LAB) is to quickly and easily build broker skill level as well as provide technical support.

Please remember that none of the LAB content has any legal value because it sacrifices technical accuracy for the sake of simplicity. In other words, important decisions must be based on the applicable policy wording.

To get started, simply select a topic (at the top of this page). On the topic summary page select an action from the tabs on the left. See below for an explanation on the action tabs.

FAQ Have a question? Type in a keyword and the system will respond with possible questions. When you select a question the system will give you the answer.
Compare It is easy to get confused between various insurance terms.
For example, what is the difference between a D&O policy and an E&O extension under the General Liability policy?
Examples Example claims to explain the cover provided.
Explain Summary explanation for each part of the policy.
Wording The entire policy wording is analysed on a clause by clause basis
Map This provides a diagram summarising the policy's cover.
Test This is a fun way to assess your liability knowledge.

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