Social Responsibility

Investing in Our Future 

There are no hard and fast rules as to who or what causes we support; we believe that opportunities come in different shapes and sizes and therefore extend our support and sponsorships to a diverse range of less privileged communities and needy organisations.  The result – a well-balanced  approach to sustainability which is helping address the challenges we face in our society and our industry,which in turn is an integral part of who we are, our culture and values. Our journey to create a better South Africa is on-going. Designed to create ripples of change, our corporate responsibility initiatives evolve over time, driven by circumstance and consideration, and we believe our investments have and will continue to see positive change implemented gradually.

By design, our most recent response to the call for our country’s transformation, and embracing Bobby Godsell’s “Each One Hire One” agenda that challenges corporates and individuals alike to create gainful employment opportunities and to get more South Africans working,  is the careful construction and launch of a new Camargue internship programme. A natural extension of our Naledi Stars life skills coaching and mentoring programme, young Naledi matriculants are incubated in our Camargue LAB – Liability Academy for Brokers.  Here we train these new recruits in all things insurance.  It is our belief that this is CSI with real industry relevance and will unlock doors for these young women, who ultimately will remain on and become essential to the Camargue team, or be placed in permanent positions with our partners in the industry.

Other projects we have and continue to support include:

Marang House

Providing medical care in a non-institutional environment to South Africa’s seriously ill children.Marang, the 'Setswana' word for rays of the sun, but really the name means hope to many children.

Oliver’s House

Oliver’s House successfully manages two feeding programmes, a children’s care centre, an education centre and a computer training centre on the East Rand.

The Salvation Army

An international movement, with a mission which is both spiritual and practical, encompassing the preaching of the Gospel and alleviating human suffering and distress without discrimination.

Children of Fire

A body that identifies and brings to bear the most expert and appropriate medical skills and care to children injured by fire, as well as reducing the incidence of such injuries by bringing about improvements in conditions in impoverished communities through education and awareness training.

Phoenix House

SANCA Phoenix House – SA’s leading provider of substance abuse treatment programmes and support - is also a primary resource for expert services and professional referral - across the Internet and the country.

Hands of Compassion

Providing practical help to those in need, Hands of Compassion, based on a 19 ha small holding near Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg, is where up to 120 people from diverse backgrounds live and work to fulfill a three-fold vision: Recovery - Restoration - Reconciliation.


An organisation dedicated to the care, welfare, rehabilitation and protection of injured and orphaned indigenous wild animals; the centre specialises in the care of Chacma baboons and actively pursues their rescue, rehabilitation and release.

The Twilight Children’s Shelter

The Twilight Children Shelter programme is a voluntary residential facility for up to 80 children who no longer wish to live on the street. The overall intention is to serve as a bridging facility through which children can be mainstreamed back into society.

Christway Children’s Home

Founded in 1985 on a farm in the North West near Pilangsburg, in Bophuthustwana, Christway was originally a haven for struggling families, abused women and unwed mothers. During the late 1990s, founder Elize Baker and her two girls moved to the big city, Johannesburg, and here she discovered, that the conditions for the poor and disadvantaged were no better than in the rural arrears.

The Society for Animals in Distress

Launched in 2004 in Tembisa this sustainable initiative has resulted in the on-going health and well-being of more than 320 working horses and donkeys. The Society addresses the provision of veterinary care for equine (horses and donkeys) communities built around some 14 coal yards, lending support to skills development and increased economic possibilities.

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